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The Counties Sport Fishing Club's Fish N Chicks comp was a great day out for Rusty Dog's team
fishing on Wasat. 
Skippered by David Anderson, Fishing crew Kiri Anderson, Carly Anderson and Rachael Attwood.
The evening before, we made a decision to avoid our usual launching pad in the Waikato River, as the bar conditions were borderline and we didn't want the day to be ruined by constantly wondering if it was going to deteriorate for our return.
So, 5am start and Te Toro ramp was an easy option.
Sea conditions were lumpy to start and the chop and wind caused a few boats and their crew to seek calmer waters inside. Our crew had taken their concrete pills, and we persevered.
The gear was deployed at 58m, water temps were 19.5 and we found patches of 20.5 in places, and birds working bait schools. 
Our big game action for the day was mainly provided by the Healthy Mako population currently holding around the big schools of Saurie and Skipjack off the coast.
With two fish hooked and dropped, and a third brought to the boat to be tagged and released by a smooth operating team.
We finished up winning third place Skipjack caught by Rachael  and our Skipper David Anderson, picked up the Skippers Spot prize.
Our Albacore were a shade under the winning weights this year, but will be providing some great table fare over the next few days.
we only saw one marlin for the day, but it was intent on chasing something across the surface and didn't take a blind bit of notice of us
The lures providing all the entertainment for the day, were old faithful Zuker 5.5 in black and purple, Fathom Offshore's Marlin Darlin in Gay Bob colours, and our tuna lures were little Mrs Palmer Hex Heads in Lumo green.
To cap the comp off for me, it was exciting to be asked to draw the winner of the Friday night raffle, which included my custom ladies 8-15kg spin rod that I built and donated for this comp. We were all very surprised when the winner was drawn and Brendan Sands name was called out amid gales of laughter. 
Congratulations Brendan, I hope you get a good bend in that beautiful pink rod soon, pink really suits you 
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​Hi Guys
I thought I would kick off our story page with a trip I did a couple of weeks ago, I got a call asking If I wanted to do a overnighter out off the west coast and as I had a couple of products to test I jumped at the chance.
An early start on Sunday morning saw me up at 5am and we were out over the bar with lures in the water about 8.40. I was testing my Penn Slammer3 on an Ocean Assassin 24-37kg 5’7” Rod spooled with 100lb hollow core, a Mrs Palmer Tuna lure and a Mrs Palmer Mutha In Law Green head/lumo.

We set our gear and started trolling after a while I was getting bored so I put out two tuna lures, the Mrs Palmer on my slammer and a Back and purple Williamson feather lure on Richard’s Saltist.
The morning started with a bang with 3 Albacore landed within 45min all on the Mrs Palmer lure then went dead with a max temp recorded of 22.7deg up off Piha, so about 3.30 we headed in for a Snapper fish at about 15m and as the swell had picked up it was a very uncomfortable fish but landed 2 snapper and 6 gurnard.

As the swell and chop had picked up we headed back inside the bar for shelter over night and the bar crossing was rather rough getting a lil wet in the process, found a sheltered bay to anchor up for the night and boiled up some water In the FireMaple jet boil and had Back Country Roast Lamb and Mash for dinner.

Up at first light we were greeted with a very Large Kingfish nailing a Kahawai right next to the boat so hoping that was good luck we headed back out to be greeted with a very rough bar crossing.  We made it out and reset the gear running the Mutha In Law in the long rigger position, almost as soon as we were trolling we spotted small bait fish on the surface, so in went the tuna lures.

Again I was running the Mrs Palmer lure and this time Rich ran a lumo Jet Head and almost instantly we got tuna and when we found a good bait ball we would get double strikes, ending up with a total of 12 tuna for the two days and the Mrs Palmer hex head out fished every other lure 10-2. Later that evening while cleaning the lure I found the trace to have bill rash on it so while we had been pre occupied with looking out front for schools of bait and birds, a sneaky marlin must have come and checked out the little Mrs Palmer Hex!! Bugger! Mabe next time.

If you want to watch the Video its below and come on in store to see the lure and see how we rig our lures.